10 Summer Haircare Tips For Colored Hair


Welcome to summer, and all the outdoor fun that comes with it. I know that your haircare and hair color are not going to be number one on your priority list, so here are 10 summer haircare tips that will keep your hair color fresh all summer long. Add a comment

Spring Color Boost


Wakeup! It’s time to recharge your hair color. Face it, your winter hair color needs packed away. Sunlit days are getting longer not darker. Just like batteries, your hair color needs revitalized. Besides, the language of color is not complex. It’s what puts you in control.

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31 Lessons In Beauty

This is something every woman should read at least once a week. Make sure you read to the end. To celebrate beauty over the decades, I’ve put together the 31 lessons in beauty. This what being in the hair industry has taught me. Written by The King of Blondes.

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Men, Hair Color, and Competing In Today’s Work Force

grey_hair_ponderIn today's competitive work crowd, keeping up with the keen curve is more than just your knowledge. Sure the first grey hairs are interesting, but that notion quickly vanishes. No man wants to be known as the old guy. With product choices ranging from DIY hair coloring kits to mineral powders, what should a man do that wants to appear just as fresh as his work competition? Here's some insight to help you choose what will be best for you.

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Getting Hair Color Right Words Of Wisdom

Great color starts with hair in great condition. I know that it reads simple, but your hair has been off roading. See, its been:


  • over shampooed and blown dry,
  • overly flat ironed or curled,
  • sunbathed,
  • and is probably chemical reliant.


shiny_hair_colorListen up! There is no use wasting your time chasing after great shiny dimensional hair color unless your hair is in great condition. Be honest about your hair's condition, and ask your hairstylist for a solution to get it reconstructed.

Also, don't wear cool delicate shades of platinum blonde if you have sun damaged skin, wrinkles, or mature. It just doesn't work, period. Lastly, box color and professional color contain more or less the same stuff. The difference is that a professional hair colorist knows how to mix, place, and create natural lustrous hair color. And, if your hairstylist talks to you during the consultation through the mirror instead of turning you around to be face-to-face; you can either turn yourself around or say thank you and leave.

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