Glossy Hair Is In The Season

When your hair and color are done just right, you can take on the world. Shiny glossy color becomes the perfect upgrade for hair this Holiday Season. Gloss color services are a quick and even no commitment for everyone including you. We've been on the lookout this season for something everyone can enjoy, and this is it. Clear glossing will amplify your hairs shine while an extra spice glossing will shower your color brighter. This is lightweight wearable hair color that lasts 8-12 shampoos, and fits even the pickiest of personalities. If your current hair feels a bit dry, ask your stylist to moisturize it first; then apply the gloss treatment afterwards. This is called getting a sealed in beauty boost without drying out.

Don't wear matte this holiday season. Instead, be shiny.

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Hair Color and Allergies

I'm writing about hair color allergies not to scare you, but to bring your attention to a recent marketing angle that a new brand of Wella hair color is claiming. What it claims is that it can reduce your risk to becoming allergic to hair color. Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately this is couldn't further from the truth. Why? The culprit is PPD (aka para-phenylenediamines). Every manufacturer line contains it, and there is no escaping it because it is the color. This includes every professional salon brand as well as do-it-yourself box color on the market today.

So what can you do?

When you change salons to see a new hair colorist, do arrange for a simple easy sensitivity test 24-48 hours before your service. Most colorists bypass this because you already enjoy color, but the colorist is cheating what the FDA requires while not looking after your best interest. However, you can bypass if you are:

  • Color highlighting with foil,
  • Getting an allover beach without toner, or
  • Getting bleach highlights without toner.


Why do these types of services bypass the need for a sensitivity test? When highlighting with color using foil, the color does not come into contact with your skin (that's the key to it). An allover bleach without toner bypasses because bleach does not contain PPD, and the same for bleach highlights without toner because no PPD is contacting your skin. Any use of a toner though after a bleach will require a sensitivity test because toners, whether semi permanent, demi permanent, or permanent, contain PPD.

If you get your hair colored with a regular colorist, take the initiative to talk to your colorist each time before your colorist mixes. Don't be afraid to speak up if you have experienced nausea, headaches, swelling, rash, redness, or difficulty breathing hours after your color service. Just because you are not allergic now, does not mean you will remain allergy free. Symptoms progressively heighten as you become more allergic, and hair color allergies are just as threatening as nut or shellfish allergies. Over the past 25 years, I have encountered five people who have color allergies. Two became allergic over the years. That may sound low, but that is high to me.


  • Do enjoy color services.
  • Do take the initiative to speak up.
  • Do share this with your friends.

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A Perfect Men’s Cut

modern_fade_haircutAs classic as time itself, is a haircut that's edgy and simple. The iconic fade reinterpreted is the perfect cut for any man. It's wash and wear, and as comfortable as your favorite jeans. Whether worn boardroom tidy or after-hours urban inventive, this haircut never stops delivering. Not to mention that no matter what your hair texture is, waxes, pomades, and molding creams are a few of the products to demand when creating or destroying your swass. What was old never went out of style, it's a timeless style reimagened for today's uncontrollable male confidence.

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Hair Shine Central

For hair, the amount of shine comes from how much light reflects off its surface. Simply put, smoother hair bounces off more shine. So the glossier your hair is, the more it shines. Sounds pretty simple, right? Straight hair reflects the most shine, and wavy as well as curly hair can too. Yet, even damaged straight hair can lack shine. To get maximum shine bouncing off your hair type, you first need to control any frizz that's going on. Make an appointment with an experienced hairstylist who can assess the right high-tech ingredient weapons of choice to discipline your hair. Then, turn up the shine brighter by indulging it with an intense washed gloss. The laws of reflection really are that easy to control when it comes to having shiny hair.

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Hair Repair Help For Fall

red_healthy_hairI hope you've been taking in every drop of summer that you can because it's almost gone. Laying in the sun, beaching it, and pool parties are all the rage right now, but with all that fun you really do want to start now to get your hair in condition for Fall. Brittle, and died out hair from all that fun is easily revitalized. Dimension A Salon is here to help you out. Before you shampoo, first apply a hair moisturizer and allow to remain on hair for 5 minutes before shampooing.
Next, shampoo with the appropriate shampoo therapy for your hair.
Rinse and apply a hair mask.
Allow the hair mask to remain on the hair for 5-10 minutes.
Rinse, towel dry, and apply a leave in elixir.

My once a week at home treatment regimen will transform your hair from dried out brittle to deep moisturized natural feeling hair just in time for Fall. Perfectly timed for updating to a fresh color and style.

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